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BRAIN CLASH: West vs. Mundeen

January 23, 2013

Hey. Aggie Mundeen here. It’s time to address brain clash. I successfully got into the head of Nancy G. West: thus, the Aggie Mundeen mystery capers were born. Without me, West would be nowhere. We frequently disagree: that’s where brain clash comes in. For instance, her New Year’s Resolutions and mine are different. See below.

With MIDDLE AGE approaching like a run-a-way train, I’m naturally intrigued by exercises, products or miracles that prevent decrepitude. You and I (Dear Reader) can discuss products and lifestyle changes that promise perpetual youth. We’ll try to keep Nancy G. West out of it.

To illustrate brain-clash, here are Nancy and Aggie’s 2013 New Years Resolutions. Do other authors and their characters have similar problems? Comments are welcome.


1. I will start research for Aggie’s third mystery caper. 1. It’s about time. You’ve been thinking about it for six months.

2. I will finish the research this spring and start Aggie’s book this summer or earlier. 2.  Earlier is better

3. I will not let Aggie distract me with her funny fiascos while I’m working on the plot. 3. Ha. You know those are our favorite parts. Once I stumble into funny situations, you’re a goner.

4.  Okay. Maybe I’ll write the funny scenes separately and work them in later. 4. That’s more like it.

5.  I will finish the book before letting ANYONE read part of it. 5. Good idea. You’re tempted though, aren’t you? You get excited about my new book and want to share it.

6.  I’ll do a better job requesting pre-publication reviews four months ahead of publication.  6. Good idea, but unlikely.

 7. I won’t take on too many obligations while I’m trying to write this book.  7. You always say that. You’re getting better, though.

 8.  I’ll schedule AT LEAST two full 12-hr. days per week to write the book—not to read writers’ magazines, books on writing, promotion, internet chat rooms, email, website updates, blogs . . .  8. Two 12-hour days? Alone? To write? I told you not to share an office with your  husband. (You can do that other stuff when you’re too exhausted to write any more.)

  9. I won’t let Aggie’s fourth book intrude into my brain while I’m writing her third book. 9. Uh huh. Sometimes we get tickled about what’s coming next. You might as well just write it down. Then go back to the book you’re working on.

 10. I’ll try not to take on other writing projects, even though I have other ideas. 10. You have a ton of ideas. But you won’t have near as much fun working on those as you do writing about me.

11. I won’t get discouraged. I’ve written three mysteries (including the suspense prequel to Aggie’s capers), a biography and umpteen magazine articles. What would I rather do than write? It’s become a necessary bodily function. 11. You can do it. Make the time. I’ll be there with you. In case you need me.

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  1. Trudy Boyd permalink

    So when exactly will the third book come out?

    • We’re not sure…definitely in 2015. As soon as we have a definite pub date, I’ll put it on wordpress, my website, facebook, and on chat rooms.
      Thanks for asking!!


    • Hi Trudy,
      Thanks for asking. SMART, BUT DEAD goes live for pre-order August 24, 2015!
      Aggie really steps in it this time.

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