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Aggie Mundeen Reflects During Spring Break

Here it is past the Ides of March and already St. Patrick’s Day. I love the idea of Leprechauns, but I ’m not worried that Shakespeare’s soothsayer foretold the death of Julius Caesar on the Ides of March. In fact, I’m not worried about much of anything. RIVER CITY DEAD was released a couple months ago. Reviews are great, and the book should be well-received because of the setting: Who doesn’t love the San Antonio River Walk? The city is a top tourist destination.

Nancy and I have our differences, but I loved her telling how Detective Sam and I planned our first rendezvous at Casa Prima Hotel on the River Walk. He and I have come a long way in our relationship over the course of four books, even though it could have been smoother. I blame Nancy for that.

Anyway, even though our rendezvous didn’t go exactly as planned (it was not my fault), Sam and I managed to work together most of the time, even when tragedy occurred. In the midst of catastrophe, our relationship blossomed. He did get terribly angry about a certain incident over which I had very little control.

I made new friends at the hotel, the Fabulous Femmes who held their convention there, and Sam and I immersed ourselves in the beauty and history of the River Walk.

Our reader friends seem charmed by the experience. RIVER CITY DEAD makes them want to visit River City, return, or if they live here, spend more time on the River Walk. And they like my story.

So now we’re at a lake on the Guadalupe River reflecting. Birds are singing, male geese strut on our roof trying to impress the females (it doesn’t seem to work all that well), the grass is greening and huge lakeside trees are sprouting new leaves. Lovely.

Until later,


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Spotlight: River City Dead by Nancy G. West


Source: Spotlight: River City Dead by Nancy G. West

Spotlight: River City Dead by Nancy G. West

River City Dead by Nancy G. West River City Dead (An Aggie Mundeen Mystery) Cozy Mystery Henery Press (January 17, 2017) Paperback: 224 pages ISBN-13: 978-1635111330 E-Book ASIN: B01MA6NALN Synopsi…

Source: Spotlight: River City Dead by Nancy G. West


It’s hot, and I’m bored. Nancy plans to learn Canva, clean her closet and our office, learn more guitar chords and tackle Scrivener, a program to help authors plan stories. We are also acquiring a new roof, which means we’ll both have headaches.

I’ll keep you posted.



July: It’s the end of July. The rain stopped and we’re baking under an unrelenting sun. Nancy’s glad she had a project to work on indoors, which is the story of my next adventure.

She answered editors’ questions and incorporated them into the story. She’s tired after working six-to-eight hours a day since early June, but she’s satisfied with the results. Now it’s time to clean out our office and closet clutter and perfect the art of being lazy. When I know her brain is receptive, I’ll suggest some ideas which she will try to ignore.

My forthcoming story is set in a place where EVERYBODY wants to vacation. Hint: it’s not the Caribbean or Hawaii.

I’ll keep you posted.

Aggie Mundeen

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It’s June already. What happened to spring? Rain mostly. Which meant my author couldn’t go to her lake place retreat. Which means she’s grumpy.

She’s describing another of my adventures and sent the first draft to her publisher a month ago on May 9. This story is set in a really cool place where Sam and I chose to rendezvous. But things rarely go as planned.

The publisher has scads of questions about what Sam and I and our new friends do in this tale. It’s perfectly clear to Nancy and me. She works hard to explain me.

I think Detective Sam finally understands me. He’s just not sure he can deal with me full time.

Right now, Nancy is fine-tuning the story. I’ve got to look over her shoulder to make sure she doesn’t distort the facts.

I’ll keep you posted.

Aggie Mundeen

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Aggie Mundeen Mysteries and Nancy’s Suspense Novel Named Award Finalists!

Good news! Three of Nancy’s books about me, Sam and Meredith are honored as Finalists in Chanticleer’s International Awards.


As you know, I star in FIT TO BE DEAD, DANG NEAR DEAD, and SMART BUT DEAD. I’ll also be featured in the next book in the series.





Mystery & Mayhem  is the appropriate division for my chaotic adventures,  don’t you think?

   SMART, BUT DEAD, released 2015, has great reviews:

I’m filling Nancy’s head with tales about my antics for BOOK 4

         Stay tuned . . .


Smart, But Dead released!

Aggie and I are thrilled. Her third story, SMART, BUT DEAD,  is finally out.

Here’s a summary of the book and some reviews:

SMART, BUT DEAD #3. Aggie, fast approaching the big 40, returns to college to learn about the genetic effects of aging. She’s thrilled by what she discovers, but when she finds a dead academic, becomes prime suspect and is on target to become next campus corpse, she gets a crash course about love and about staying alive.

From Library Journal:

The third book in a cute cozy series (Fit To Be Dead; Dang Near Dead) features an appealing heroine with a self-deprecating wit and a determination to never grow old.

From Carolyn Hart:

Hurrah for Aggie Mundeen, an effervescent heroine who finds trouble wherever she goes even when the initial pursuit is purely intellectual. Aggie’s pluck, humor, intelligence and loving heart will keep her young and make readers smile. Carolyn Hart, Award Winning Author.

From James W. Ziskin:

Smart. Aggie Mundeen is smart.
But. But she’s also a little clumsy, irrepressible, and irresistible.
Dead. She might well end up dead if she continues nosing around the university where her questions are not wanted. Smart, But Dead is the perfect combination of brains and heart. A tight mystery, an irrepressible heroine, and superb writing. James W. Ziskin, Award-winning mystery author of the Ellie Stone Series.

From Mystery People:

Smart, But Dead features an impetuous, warm-hearted heroine, blessed with an insatiable curiosity, passion for learning and an unquenchable zest for life. Carol Westron, author, reviewer and columnist for Mystery People.

Mystery People is a subscription (print and ezine) publication from the UK which covers the mystery community worldwide and includes reviews, interviews, articles, bios of Golden Age mystery writers and summaries of mystery conventions—a wonderful, comprehensive magazine.

From NetGalley Reviews:

Funny with snappy inner dialogue, The content regarding the aging process and facts about the human genome are interesting and entertaining. Suspenseful. Elaine O’Connor, NetGalley Reviewer

From NetGalley Reviews:

The characters are all very engaging and the story was great. I can’t wait to read more from this author. Jennifer Schell, NetGalley Reviewer and blogger at Bookschelves.

From Urban Book Reviews.

One of the funniest yet most intriguing novels readers will read...I have read her entire series and highly recommend readers around the world to do so.

Thank you all for reading and reviewing this book and to the wonderful bloggers who hosted me on their sites. I am forever grateful.

Nancy G. West



Aggie, Sam and Meredith are thrilled . . .

Southern Writers Magazine names DANG NEAR DEAD a “Must Read!”

Universal Creativity visits Aggie in Dang Near Dead . . .